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Group1: Babies (3 months – 2 years), Group2:  Group 2: Toddlers (2 – 3 years), Group 3: Grade RRR (3 – 4 years)
Group 4: Grade RR (4 – 5 years)
Group 5: Grade R (5 – 6 years)



We believe that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves, which is why our curriculum is focused on fun activities that encourage development.


We encourage as much interaction between parents, learner and teachers as possible. Hosting events each quarter helps us to know you and your families better, which enables us to fine tune our educational offerings.

About Us

Funtasia runs two successful branches which accommodate Babies from 3 months all the way through to Grade R learners.

Funtasia South is based in Pelham and was established in December 2013.

Funtasia Central is based in PMB’s CBD and was established in 2020 due to a growing demand for early childhood development centres.

Closely following the standards set in place by The Department of Education, our Pre-school syllabus is: CAPS for Foundation Phase (CURRICULUM ASSESSMENT POLICY STATEMENTS).

CAPS is designed to develop all our children holistically: i.e. intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially as well as language development. We offer stimulating activities in three important learning areas: Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills.

Our Team

Our teachers conduct continuous assessments and bi-annual Assessment Reports. These are issued at the end of the second and fourth terms for Grade RRR, Grade RR and Grade R learners only. As an elite private Pre-School, we strive to add more value to our high calibre of parents. Our high values and standards ensure that our learners receive the best quality of education and care. We limit our learners per class per group. This way each learner receives more individual attention from our qualified and experienced teachers and caregivers. Thus your child receives a more positive schooling experience. The school is more than fully equipped inside with an Indoor Playground. It has all the necessary resources to make the learning environment fun. Funtasia’s founding director, Mrs. Ronnell Stafford-Marais, has been in the Education Industry since 1994 and is extremely passionate about providing a fun learning establishment.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

The school works as a team with parents and expects co-operation and support at all times. All enquirers need to be fully aware that we are very strict with our Terms and Conditions which make up our Policies and Procedures. They are not negotiable. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children come to our school ready to focus with good manners and respect.

Terms and Conditions


Mondays to Fridays

06H30 – 13H00 SHARP!!! Half-day learners

06H30 – 17H00 Full day learners

  • Lessons commence from 08H00 – 13H00 Mondays to Fridays. Learners should ideally be at school regularly and 15 minutes prior to teaching time. All children, including toddlers and babies, are expected to be at school by 08H00 so as not to disrupt classes. If you are late, be prepared to wait as all staff are busy at this time.
  • School is CLOSED every day from 13H15 – 14H45 for nap time. It is utilized for full-day learners’ nap time, staff lunch breaks, teachers’ planning & preparation, meetings & workshops, etc. Please do not collect learners or phone school at this time.
  • Late collection penalties – Neither the school nor its staff will take responsibility for children collected after hours. R250 fine per five minutes will be charged for late collections. Remember our staff work 11 hours a day. It is your responsibility to ensure your children are collected on time. R10.00 per phone call per minute will be charged if we have to phone you to collect your child. You should inform the school if you will be collecting your child later than usual even if it’s before closing time as the school will charge you for a call if one has to be made. Calling the school to inform us that you will be collecting your child after closing time is appreciated but does not exclude you from receiving a late collection penalty fine.

IMPORTANT: The school is not a public facility. Unless you have an appointment, kindly refrain from dropping by outside of drop off/collection times. Also please be advised that we do not allow children to receive visitors at school; please arrange these in your private time.

  • We DO NOT CLOSE for government School Holidays, only for a few days during the Festive Season or so. You will receive prior notification of the exact dates later.
  • We follow an entertaining Holiday Care Programme and there is no formal teaching at this time. Therefore, where possible we do encourage our children to have a break from the school environment. This helps to differentiate between fun time and school time.
  • A Holiday care notice will be sent to you asking whether your child will be attending or not. Staff leave is scheduled during the July and December holidays depending on these numbers, so please indicate as accurately as possible.
  • There may be other children aged 5 years to 9 years on the premises for Holiday Care.
  • Learners going away on vacations school fees must be up to date before you leave. Also, report cards are withheld until all fees are up to date.
  • Full school fees are expected in advance as always in ‘holiday’ months i.e. in January, July and December.
  • We do not provide meals during holidays. Please supply sufficient nutritious snacks from home.

SCHOOLS TELEPHONE NUMBER – is 083 291 1719 and Business WhatsApp is 064 079 0352 (for proof of payments only) both should be used during school hours only.

  • If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please keep it brief as they have many young children to see to as well as a program to follow.
  • The Emergency/After hour’s no. 083 481 6365 should be used for the intended purpose only. Remember, being upset is not an emergency. After all, the owner can only investigate and feedback to you within school hours. Kindly refrain from sending emails, text messages, junk mail or chain text messages.
  • Please do not request Teacher’s and/or caregivers’ personal information, cell phone numbers or social networking information. Also, our teachers are not your friends, out of respect please refer to them as Ms so and so. We’re not on a first-name basis here.
  • Must be brought to school, checked every day and all notifications must be signed in acknowledgement.
  • Write all messages in the communication book – no verbal messages, please.
  • Notes should be brief and are between teacher and parent only.
  • No monies should accompany this book. All financial or admin inquiries and complaints must be addressed at the office.
  • Grades RR and R learners receive homework to re-enforce what we teach them.
  • This book should be brought to school every day with homework completed by the learner with parents’ assistance and not done by you.
  • Please ensure homework is completed daily and signed by you.
  • Weekly homework sheets are given on Mondays, however, only homework for that particular day should be done as the learners haven’t covered the rest in class yet.

ABSENTEESM rate at the Pre-School level is usually very high. 

  • While we realise that circumstances beyond your control could arise for your child to miss school; our school expects Grades RR and R learners to attend as regularly as possible to keep up with the syllabus. These learners also need to be at school by 08H00 daily as we conduct our most important lesson of the day. Above normal absentees fall behind and are unable to catch up. This puts them under unnecessary pressure, which could cause a delay in their development.
  • If your child is absent for more than two days, please get in touch with the school and advise us.
  • Parents must reinforce our school rules at home.
  • Bullying and gross misbehaviour are not tolerated, nor accepted at our school. Please teach your children good manners, and values and to respect their teachers, other children and the school’s property. Ensure that you do so yourself, especially in front of your child.
  • We are aware that children will be children, so please understand that we will only speak to you if poor behaviour persists, and we feel it is essential for you to assist us regarding this. Should this not help and these behavioural problems become too severe, escalating further, we will request an official parent conference. Please note that there is no need for parents to get defensive. We realise that these issues need to be handled sensitively with empathy. We want to work cooperatively with parents to reach favourable results.
  • For irresolvable issues that negatively impact our school, we have a ‘three strikes and you’re out policy, e.g. for biting, bullying, destructive behaviour, etc.
  • Uncooperative parents displaying disrespectful or aggressive behaviour, and/or making threats, will be asked to withdraw their children from our school.

IMPORTANT: Children that require large amounts of negative attention are unfairly taken away from the other children who cannot learn or enjoy their day successfully. As an elite private Pre-school, we want to ensure that our calibre of parents will remain confident that their children are having a good experience with us.

  • Conversations with teachers and/or staff during drop off or collection times should be kept to a minimum as these are always the busiest parts of the day. Remember young children cannot be left unattended for long lengths of time.
  • Our Funtasia team do have job descriptions and duties to follow that are set out by the school. While we strive to be accommodating, we urge parents to refrain from issuing instructions to them. If you have any special requests, please discuss and obtain prior permission from the Supervisor on duty. (Also, our teachers are not your friends, out of respect please refer to them as Ms so and so. We’re not on a first-name basis here.)
  • Please address serious concerns privately, cordially and with respect in the office with the School Manager only. This should be done preferably by appointment and not in front of your child, other children and/or parents.
  • Our schools’ parents should not confront each other with school concerns and queries. Please allow the school to act as a mediator on your behalf should there be any school-related disputes. We will do our best to investigate and resolve this swiftly.
  • Kindly refrain from discussing any issues you may have with our school with others as you would not appreciate it if the school did that to you.
  • Our school values you as our patrons, we will always treat you with dignity and respect. Therefore, the school expects parents to treat all our teachers and staff the same at all times.

IMPORTANT: Being upset about something does not deem it an emergency. Please get in touch with the school during school hours only. The school cannot assist you after hours.

  • The school uniform is not compulsory and must be worn as often as possible. It is compulsory to be worn for excursions and/or special events, class photos, etc. so please ensure that your child has at least one full, neat presentable uniform.
  • Children should be sent to school bathed, neat & tidy every day.
  • Small tight clothing is not only uncomfortable for children, they embarrass them by the negative attention received due to constant exposure. No jumpsuits, no belts, no buckles and no tight buttons are allowed, as little bodies are too exposed during toilet routine and little fingers cannot open on time.
  • Nails must be kept clean & trimmed.
  • Boys: schoolboy haircuts only, no earrings, etc.
  • Girls: neat hairstyles tied back or plaited, no grown upbraids, only small silver or gold stud earrings allowed, no makeup, no lip gloss, no high heeled shoes, no nail polish, etc.
  • Make sure all belongings have names clearly marked on them and that they are returned before you leave as errors are difficult to rectify later.
  • Only full-day and aftercare children need a small blanket every day. It will remain at school until the end of the week and then be sent home for washing on Fridays. If you don’t wash it, please send a clean one on Mondays.
  • Please teach your child to take care of his/her belongings. The school will not take responsibility for lost or damaged items.
  • We DO NOT accept Cash Payments.
  • ONLY school fees should be transferred into the school’s bank account. Add R20 on all cash deposits, please. All other payments must be made in cash at the school office e.g uniforms, excursions, workbooks, school photos, etc.
  • Non-payment of school fees is not tolerated and will result in the suspension of services followed by legal action.
  • All fees are expected in advance every month, by the 1st of each month from January to December even if you keep children home for whatever reason. It is unfair for the school to experience cash flow problems because some parents don’t pay on time.
  • Arranged 15th Payers MUST pay by the 15th of each month. NO LATER.
  • We do not accept part payments nor do we make payment arrangements. DO NOT pay as you feel without a discussion & agreement.
  • One calendar month’s written notice is required for all withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals for school holidays, i.e. July, December and January are not
  • If your child is returning the following year, every month’s FULL school fees are expected irrespective of whether he/she attends school or goes away on holiday or is too ill to attend classes or is only starting the following month, etc.
  • Unofficial withdrawals could result in non-acceptance of re-entry. Please notify us in writing if your child is not returning in the new school year.
  • Parents who would like to change our agreement from a full day to a half-day during the course of the school year are required to give one calendar month’s written notice as this is considered a partial withdrawal. This change will not be permitted for holiday months only. Written notice is required to change from half-day to full-day, however, the service can be with immediate effort.

Please use one vehicle space only. Whether you are in a hurry or think you won’t be long, please park considerately in front of the fence outside the school to make place for other vehicles.

IMPORTANT: Please be vigilant and swift when dropping off or collecting children from school.


The school provides well balanced, nutritious meals for all learners during terms only.

IMPORTANT: We promote healthy eating. Children must be given breakfast at home.

Regret NO treats must be brought to school. Treats can be given to children by parents after school and at weekends.

Mealtimes are:

First snack time: 09H00am – 09H30am (Mealie Meal Porridge)

Lunchtime: 11H30am – 12H00pm (As per attached Menu)

Second snack time  – 14H45pm – 15H15pm (Two slices of bread with peanut butter or jam, yoghurt & juice)

  • Parents, please note that we are unable to make individual lunches for children with special dietary requirements. If there is anything that your child does not eat, please provide lunch for your child on that particular day of the week or pay cash and order from our FunCafe’ and we will deliver to your child at lunchtime and let our teachers know if you do this.
  • We DO NOT provide meals during government school holidays and during the months of January, July and December. You may pay cash and order from our FunCafe’ and we will deliver to your child at lunchtime, let our teachers know when you do this.


  • Children too sick to cope for the day or that have contagious illnesses must be kept at home until fully recovered.
  • If you receive a courtesy call from the school informing you that your child is too ill to be at school or has been injured, please arrange for them to be collected within the hour of the call. DO NOT be offended and disrespectful should you receive this call, we understand that you are working. However, a sound judgement call is made by the teachers and Principal which you should adhere to.
  • As per Department of Health and Department of Education, medication is NOT allowed to be administered at schools. Please do not send medication to school. Keep your child at home if they require a midday dosage.
  • Please see the attachment in Communication books regarding Illness Quarantine periods.
  • All children should be accompanied by an adult. They should be handed over to and collected from a caregiver.
  • For security reasons, entry inside the school building is restricted. Even our parents are not permitted to be on the schools’ property outside of drop off/collection times unless you have an appointment.
  • We do not celebrate birthdays at school. Kindly refrain from sending anything related due to the fact that our young learners have many allergies and fussy parents. They also come from various religious, cultural and economic backgrounds.
  • We encourage all parents to support all Fundraising functions and events. These are not only fun for everyone and a good opportunity to interact with each other. Fundraising money goes towards the upkeep of our beautiful school and ensures that it remains in good condition and improves. Toys, swings, furniture, equipment, books, CDs, etc. break and wear out, and therefore need to be replaced constantly. It is not fair for your child to benefit from the fundraising efforts of others. Every contribution goes to a worthy cause – your child. Please do not confuse these with Excursions. Fees collected for excursions are only for the entry fees and transportation costs.
  • We do not wash or bath children, and only change them into their extra set of clothing when necessary. ‘Dirty’, and ‘untidy’ children are not neglected, children. This just means they had a good day at school and learnt through active play.
  • An R10.00 fine per phone call is a penalty that will be charged for phone calls made to you for the violation of a policy, e.g. overdue school fees, items missing from bags, etc. Remember that violating a school policy for the first time does not mean you are entitled to.
  • We kindly request that parents not speak negatively about their child’s teacher or school in front of their children.
  • The School Supervisors handle all school matters, however, if a problem persists you may make an appointment with the owner. Remember, the owner does not accept appointments over policies clearly defined in our Terms & Conditions, they are not negotiable.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that drivers of transportation are aware of our policies and adhere to them.
  • Please ensure that all stationery and requirements are brought all together to school by the requested deadlines.
  • We will gladly accept any useful items you may wish to donate to our school, e.g. toys, children’s books, bookshelves, equipment, etc.
  • Once a month, on the first Monday of each month we have Market Mondays. Each child from the Toddler group (2 years) to Grade R must bring R10.00 to participate. They will receive a variety of fruit chopped up at each mealtime for that day. This will teach them about the importance of fruit in our diets.
  • Every Wednesday we have Water Wednesdays. Please send an easy sip bottle with tap water in and we will refill it as need be during the course of the day. No juice will be allowed at school on Wednesdays. Once again this is from the Toddler group (2 years) to Grade R.
  • Every Thursday except during school holidays we have Development Thursdays. This is our Physical Education class which is conducted for our Grade RRR, Grade RR and Grade R learners. All children must come to school dressed in shorts, t-shirts and takkies. Those not dressed appropriately, unfortunately, have to set aside during this enjoyable lesson and feel left out. Parents, please pay attention to this.
  • Our teachers are not your friends, out of respect please refer to them as Ms so and so. We’re not on a first-name basis here.
  • WE DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH OR TAKE INSTRUCTION FROM THIRD PARTIES, only from the person that our signed contract is with. Kindly inform grandparents, friends, relatives and drivers to treat our staff and teachers with respect or they will be banned from coming to our school.
  • Please notify our office should any of your details change so that we can update your child’s records. Parents need to be contactable at all times in case of an emergency.
  • Please read and sign all communication in the Communication book daily. If your child is absent, it is your duty to find out what was missed.
  • Please meet all deadlines.
  • At Funtasia Education and Play Centre, we do everything decently, orderly and by arrangement. Please ensure that you read, understand and agree with ALL the school’s Terms & Conditions, as we do not wish to offend you when we enforce our policies and procedures. They are not negotiable and we will keep enforcing them until they become second nature to all concerned. Your registration indicates that we need not worry about any unnecessary challenges regarding these during the school year. 

    As a private institute,

    we reserve the right to request the withdrawal of any children should our

    Terms & Conditions not be adhered to.


What Our Families are Saying

My daughter is very happy at Funtasia. She often has blissful stories about her time at school which I love hearing about on our way home. – Ms Zuma

Sipho is very excited about attending preschool. He has loads of fun and loves her teachers and school mates dearly. – Ms Ndlovu

Thomas has never been happier. We recently moved him to Funtasia and this school has changed his life. He has a bounce in his step and smile on his face again. Thank you to the whole team for caring about my boy so lovingly. – Mrs Nobel

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